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Download and play ドラゴンクエストけしケシ! for FREE at the Live-Apk With Fast Speed. Check for platform availability and play today! The MOD .apk is simply the ドラゴンクエストけしケシ! that has been modified. The time period “MOD” stands for “Modified” whereas APK stands for “Android Bundle”

Introduce ドラゴンクエストけしケシ!:

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ドラゴンクエストけしケシ! 1

ドラゴンクエストけしケシ! Mod Apk Description: ◆「ドラけし」たちを「なぞって・そろえて・けす」お手軽パズル!



Android 6.0以上
◆ Easy puzzle to “trace, align, and poppy” and others!
Familiar characters, monsters, items, etc. appearing in the series are now available as a cute eraser “Dorakeshi”
Align 3 or more “Drakes” vertically and horizontally, and go on an adventure trip while erasing the “scribble” that appears in the adventure book!

◆ Many kinds of cute “Dorakeshi” are now available!
Each has different skills, and there are also strong and weak attributes, so collect a lot and enjoy various plays

◆ The stage of the adventure is in an old adventure book in a certain shop!
The book of adventure is polluted by the monster “Rakugaki”, and people in the world of book of adventure are in trouble.
Collect and raise “Dragon Poppies” that erase “scribbles” and help people in the world of adventure books!

◆ Operating environment
Android 6.0 and above

What’s New:

  • Mod Fixed Bugs.
  • ドラゴンクエストけしケシ! Download Fast.
  • All FREE in ドラゴンクエストけしケシ!.

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