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Download and play 三國英雄傳說 Online – 動漫風無雙格鬥 MMORPG for FREE at the Live-Apk With Fast Speed. Check for platform availability and play today! The MOD .apk is simply the 三國英雄傳說 Online – 動漫風無雙格鬥 MMORPG that has been modified. The time period “MOD” stands for “Modified” whereas APK stands for “Android Bundle”

Introduce 三國英雄傳說 Online – 動漫風無雙格鬥 MMORPG:

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三國英雄傳說 Online – 動漫風無雙格鬥 MMORPG

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三國英雄傳說 Online – 動漫風無雙格鬥 MMORPG Mod Apk Description: This game is in Traditional Chinese language only. Please avoid downloading if unable to read Chinese. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for visiting us! (游戏为繁体中文版)
超熱血三國 3D ARPG 動作格鬥手遊《三國英雄傳說》正式開啟。三國群英匯聚,榮耀傳說,等你加入!😍
三國英雄傳說融合了無雙格鬥遊戲的暢爽戰鬥體驗和 MMO RPG 遊戲的主城,英雄收集,公會,聯機組隊,聯機對戰對決等元素為一體。英雄採用了動畫漫畫人物的美術風格,根據三國誌中記載和民間廣泛傳說的人物性格而繪製,玩家一定能有新穎卻又熟悉的親和感。😄

終端: 安卓智能手機 (安卓平板一般可運行,但遊戲操作針對手機設計,體驗可能不佳。開發環境未針對各種模擬器測試,很可能無法正常運行,不建議模擬器下載,謝謝關注。)
系統: 安卓 6.0 (最低) 8.0及以上 (推薦)
記憶體(RAM): 3GB (最低) 4GB以上 (推薦)
存儲空間: 遊戲約900MB下載。首次打開會進行本地資源解壓(無需下載),總共佔用2GB,存儲空間不夠會在解壓步驟卡住無法進行遊戲。下載前建議至少有4GB以上空閒存儲空間,這樣安裝完遊戲還有2GB夠手機正常運行。





3D 建模 + 2D 貼圖

MMO RPG 元素一應俱全
擁有聊天,公會,公會 Boss 等 MMORPG 社交功能和元素。你想要的這裡都有,同時每天都會帶給你更多福利。和其他玩家一起玩,快樂翻倍!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sanguolegends/
This game is in Traditional Chinese language only. Please avoid downloading if unable to read Chinese. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for visiting us! (The game is in Traditional Chinese)
The super-blooded Three Kingdoms 3D ARPG action fighting mobile game “The Legend of the Three Kingdoms” is officially launched. The heroes of the three kingdoms gather, and the legend of glory is waiting for you to join! 😍
Please search the webpage @sanguolegends on Facebook, you can contact customer service via message, or you can find the novice welcome package code in the post. I wish you a good time!
The Legend of Three Kingdoms of Heroes combines the smooth combat experience of the unparalleled fighting game with the main city of the MMO RPG game, hero collection, guilds, online teaming, online battles and other elements into one. The hero adopts the art style of animated cartoon characters, and is drawn based on the characters recorded in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms and extensive folk legends. Players must have a novel but familiar sense of affinity. 😄
Do a different conscience operation and promise to never open new servers frequently, so that each server can accumulate enough long-term active players for everyone to play together! The development team made this game very carefully, and I believe this game will definitely bring you a lot of joy! 😊
Heroes of the Three Kingdoms, manga characters, bloody fighting, legends of warriors! Whether Cao Cao, Sun Quan, Liu Bei or Zhuge Liang, Zhang Fei, Diao Chan, dozens of legendary heroes of the Three Kingdoms can personally control the duel. Collect and develop heroes from the Three Kingdoms of anime, and enjoy the joy of sweeping the army. There are no ads in the game, please rest assured to enjoy.

[Operating Environment Requirements]
Terminal: Android smart phone (Android tablets can generally run, but the game operation is designed for mobile phones, and the experience may be poor. The development environment has not been tested for various emulators, and it may not run properly. Emulator download is not recommended. Thank you for your attention.)
System: Android 6.0 (minimum) 8.0 and above (recommended)
Memory (RAM): 3GB (minimum) 4GB or more (recommended)
Storage space: The game is about 900MB to download. The first time it is opened, it will decompress the local resources (no download is required), occupying a total of 2GB. If the storage space is not enough, it will be stuck in the decompression step and the game cannot be played. It is recommended to have at least 4GB of free storage space before downloading, so that 2GB is enough for the phone to run normally after the game is installed.

[Game Features]
The protagonist can switch weapons and martial arts at will
The protagonist can switch between martial arts and attack methods at will by equipping different weapons in the game. Now the protagonist in the game has four weapons, boxing gloves, big sword, long spear, and longbow. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, the gloves are fast, have the effects of knocking down, knocking off, etc., but the attack range is larger and the sword and spear are smaller. Longbow is very effective in cleaning up ordinary enemies and small bosses, and often the opponent can kill them close to the body. However, it lacks effective defense in battle against the big boss, and the duel moves and operation requirements are high.

The heroes of the three kingdoms gather, each hero can personally control and have their own martial arts combos
Each hero in the game has been carefully designed and has its own unique martial arts, combos and secrets. Each hero is equipped with a general dodge skill. In Boss battles or PvP, you can dodge enemy skills by sliding quickly. The attack speed and the length of stiffness after the move are also different, so there will be obvious differences in the feel during operation. For example, Zhuge Liang’s Wanjian Qifa and Zhou Yu’s Huofeng Liaoyuan both have extremely gorgeous special effects and can knock down the enemy and cause a large area of ​​damage. Flaws will appear behind you.

Original Ladder Tournament Mode
The two sides each randomly selected three players from the three nations to compete in the real-time online group arena. Ignore the player’s combat power level, no need to have a general, rely on skill and luck, and experience the fun of the battle at any time!

Various ways to collect heroes from the Three Kingdoms
The gold summon is no longer the only way to obtain generals. In the Legion Shop and the Athletic Store, you can directly exchange the badges obtained in the Legion Events or Competitive Events for Hero Shards, and the Forge can convert the surplus General Shards into designated generals. Fragments, oriented training of beloved generals, let you feel the joy of growth every day! Small class and no class can also be played.

3D modeling + 2D texture
During the battle, each hero of the Three Kingdoms has gorgeous moves and special effects, and there is a full sense of animation during the battle. The manga character style is also full of affinity for players who love anime.

MMO RPG elements are all available
With chat, guild, guild boss and other MMORPG social functions and elements. What you want is here, and it will bring you more benefits every day. Play with other players and double the joy!

The official Facebook page of the game, you can also send a message to contact customer service through this page.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sanguolegends/

What’s New:

  • Mod Fixed Bugs.
  • 三國英雄傳說 Online – 動漫風無雙格鬥 MMORPG Download Fast.
  • All FREE in 三國英雄傳說 Online – 動漫風無雙格鬥 MMORPG.

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