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Download and play 剑侠世界2-国际版 for FREE at the Live-Apk With Fast Speed. Check for platform availability and play today! The MOD .apk is simply the 剑侠世界2-国际版 that has been modified. The time period “MOD” stands for “Modified” whereas APK stands for “Android Bundle”

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剑侠世界2-国际版 Mod Apk Description: 剑侠情缘二十周年献礼,《剑侠世界2》是由西山居剑侠系列金牌团队打造的精品武侠MMORPG手游。自由搭配21种技能,双轮盘操作战斗,自创操作流派。全门派均有正太、萝莉体型,还有百款外观和染色,让你塑造个性。精心设计15人团队副本、百人皇陵家族战等丰富的家族玩法。轻功可御雕飞行、飞檐走壁水上漂,还可和好友一起钓鱼等。不忘初心,《剑侠世界2》手游为你呈现一个恢弘华美的指尖武侠大世界。










As a gift for the 20th anniversary of Swordsman Love, “Swordman World 2” is a boutique martial arts MMORPG mobile game created by the gold medal team of the Xishanju Swordsman series. Freely match 21 kinds of skills, dual-roulette operation combat, create your own operation genre. All schools have Zhengtai and Loli body shapes, as well as hundreds of appearances and dyeings, allowing you to shape your personality. Elaborately design rich family gameplay such as 15-person team dungeon and hundred-person imperial tomb clan battle. With light work, you can fly with royal carvings, fly over the walls and float on the water, and go fishing with friends. Don’t forget your original intention, the mobile game “World of Swordsman 2” presents you a magnificent and gorgeous world of fingertip martial arts.

[Romantic rivers and lakes, homes are built together]
The new feature home system is online, come and build your romantic arena. Everyone has a house, an independent courtyard, an exclusive housekeeper, and a couple built together. Young heroes can purchase a house in the game after obtaining the land lease, build their own world, and invite three or two friends to play at their leisure, which is a fun experience!

[Floating life and cutting industry, don’t ask for love and hatred]
The seventh school’s “life and death judgment” is a maverick, unruly of the worldly rules, and wandering arbiter in the world. Regardless of love and hatred, only cut down evil karma, with one’s own power, clean up the injustices in the world, and sound clear for those who have been harmed by others.

【A Couple of Chivalrous Heroes, Yuanding Sansheng】
The fireworks in the world are the same as the king, and the three lives are connected to one dream. The young hero can form a hero with his favorite TA, from “letting things to love” to “selecting auspicious days”, and finally completing the “challenger ceremony”, as well as the exclusive new appearance of the heroic lovers for free, showing their fullness to the whole server happy.

[Fenghuo Youzhou, Ten Thousand People City War]
Cross-server vehicles siege the city and stage a fierce battle. The new cross-server city battle gameplay is online, with real players commanding, vehicles charging, attacking the city, and competing for the throne. Integrate the forces of the whole server, sweep the oncoming enemy, join together, and the winner is king.

[Four stages of light work, flying with royal carvings]
No light work, no martial arts. Really realize light work, fly over the wall, float on the water, and fly in the air with four light work. Innovative design of the royal carving flying, the carving can be exchanged in the air, and the beautiful scenery of the river and lake can be seen seamlessly.

[Multiplayer mounts, various appearances]
Ride multiplayer mounts with your friends, watch the wind and the moon, and swim the swordsmen rivers and mountains! You can choose from 4 body types. Hundreds of gorgeous appearances are introduced, and they can be dyed into your favorite color to make you unique.

[With skills, create your own genre]
Use two hands to operate the dual roulette battle, choose 4 skills from 21 skills to play. During the battle, it is necessary to predict and move the position, and to test the tactical cooperation between teammates. The battle situation is unpredictable, and it is possible to reverse at any time.

[Pet partner, sprouting the world]
Cute pet companions, equipped with a variety of skills and attributes, can help young heroes fight. Follow the young heroes personally at all times, cultivate partner intimacy, and unlock fun gameplay such as adventure, leisure and gift giving.

[You love family, fight together]
The family brothers overthrew the copy BOSS side by side, gathered together for a feast of the family, and shared gold coins and dividends every day. 250-player large-scale battle-cross-server imperial tomb family battle, a hundred-player camp confrontation, safeguarding family glory. Apprentices and apprentices, love and companionship, the arena is more happy.

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《剑侠世界2-国际版》繁体中文版隆重上线! 防疫在家人人都能当大侠,今年一定要玩的3D武侠手游《剑侠世界2-国际版》,完美移植绝妙轻功系统,超高自由度,极致的视觉冲击,重绎全球华人的武侠梦 ! 「不用出门」还能开拓你的交友圈 ! 更多样化的社交玩法及更丰富的游戏体验,都在《剑侠世界2-国际版》

What’s New:

  • Mod Fixed Bugs.
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  • All FREE in 剑侠世界2-国际版.

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