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大三国志 Mod Apk Description: 主公、風雲変幻、逸材輩出の大三国志へようこそ。







300名以上の武将 × 戦法× 部隊の組み合わせ、単純な武将のレアリティだけでは、勝敗が決まらない奥深さ。

・iOS 9.0以降



Welcome to the main character, Fengyun Hengen, and the great three kingdoms of talented people.

In the 3D ancient battlefield of the Great Three Kingdoms, as a lord who runs through the turbulent world, you make many decisions and decisions based on your own talent and experience, from one small land to one country’s plan, 1.44 million It influences the flow of the mass world and leaves your own history.
In the world without knowing the limits of conflict, there is no such thing as setting VIP privileges, selling resources or soldiers, or accelerating the speed of advancement. Here you can enjoy the fair competition that underlies the strategy game.

Without knowing it, Daisangokushi has already spent four years with the main character of Japan.

Four years ago, the people who sent us when the service started are still watching over the Great Three Kingdoms. For four years, wars of various scales have occurred on a daily basis, with countless alliances prospering and retiring. Even today, four years later, new people are constantly participating in the battlefield due to the charm of the Great Three Kingdoms.

◆ Advance and occupy without knowing the limits ◆
There is only one connected land in front of the barrier to the neighboring state. Carefully follow the steps of each square until you reach the enemy’s headquarters …
Battlefield marches and power expansions are strongly associated with lands. As a conductor, you also have to consider tracks, speed, and even your occupation strategy.
Make good use of the land of your friends and opponents and grasp the entire map. Strengthen your building, your troops’ armed forces, earn resources and get ready for the march through construction.
Let’s prepare well and come to the battlefield!

◆ The smoke that can be put in does not know the limit ◆
Battles between alliances of up to 200 people are repeated every day, and this is a unique gaming experience with opponents. Not only armed forces and troops, but also the weather on the battlefield, the order of troop dispatch, the current state of the enemy and the timing of siege, etc. all affect the battlefield of the world!
You can enjoy large-scale battles strategically, and when you achieve your goals, the sense of unity with your allies is an order of magnitude!
Make full use of your tactics and strategies to rewrite your history of the Three Kingdoms!

◆ What you can do on the battlefield, without knowing the limits ◆
If you could be anything, who would you be, Ikki Tousen’s general, the final Senri’s tactician, the loyal loyalty from beginning to end, the rebel of the face-to-face obedience?
Here, there is a new start for each season. It is also possible to experience as many different histories as there are starts. There are always multiple options for you!

◆ The military commander tactical arrangement does not know the limit ◆
The depth is that the victory or defeat cannot be decided only by the combination of more than 300 warlords x tactics x troops, and the rarity of simple warlords.
Enemies of the same organization do not meet, and flexibility is the basis of everything.
What is the best arrangement to take according to the battle situation from the infinite combination? As a tactician of the troops, there is no other field that is more exciting.

◆ Recommended terminal ◆
・ IOS 9.0 or later

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